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Sponsor a rooster's food

Prior to having a stroke in 2019, I had a lot of chickens. I don't eat meat and keep the roosters alive. They're fun and silly(and loud!). 

Since having the stroke, combined with the pandemic, my income has been severely limited. So, by sponsoring a roo, you provide the budget to keep them comfortably fed.

A chicken isn't very expensive to feed. I recuperate feeding the hens by selling excess eggs, but the roos are an expense. There isn't much desert brush to keep up free-ranging. A couple of dollars per month will sponsor an individual rooster's food.

There are currently about 28 bros running around(at last count, which can be hard!).

While I don't offer exclusive content, I do post regular videos and photos on Twitter so that you will keep up with them.

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Sponsor a rooster's food